Understanding and Preparing for Divorce Mediation

Understanding and Preparing for Divorce Mediation

Understanding and Preparing for Divorce Mediation Going through a divorce is a difficult process for all involved, divorcing couples and children alike. It can take a heavy emotional, social, and financial toll and, in the bad cases of divorce, can lead to toxic proceedings and decisions. That said, there are measures enacted to make this …

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Divorce & Pets

Pets in Divorce

Divorce & Pets: Who gets the pet? Our pets are increasingly a part of our family. A pet provides unconditional love, especially when we are working from home and trying to stay safe during the pandemic. But what happens to a pet when the relationship between the humans is over? In a divorce, custody over …

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Child & Spousal Support Basics

Child & Spousal Support Basics

Child & Spousal Support Basics If you are going through a divorce, you may be wondering about spousal or child support and what amounts may be paid. The purpose of both child support and spousal support is essentially to keep the supported spouse from falling off a financial cliff after separation.  Child support helps the …

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Important Factors Determining Child Custody

Important Factors Determining Child Custody There are a number of factors for determining child custody following a divorce, separation, or other custodial dispute between unmarried parents. However, if a matter is contested in court, it will be a judge or commissioner that makes the ultimate decision about what custody and visitation orders are in the …

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Common Family Law Issues

Common Family Law Questions

Common Family Law Questions Family law is a blanket term to describe a number of different legal matters that can include everything from divorce to child custody to domestic violence. When it comes to these issues, there are a number of common questions and situations that family law attorneys are asked to describe and answer …

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What Do Family Law Attorneys Do? All You Need to Know

When it comes to legal issues, family law attorneys tend to handle them very well and with much more precision than when you handle them alone. For some reason, most individuals who handle their family-related issues often end up having an unfavorable outcome.  However, a family law attorney brings a lot to the table.

To put this into perspective, here’s how a family law attorney can help you:

Co-Parenting and Custody Concerns During COVID-19

Our office began receiving calls from clients related to custody within an hour of the shelter-in-place orders being issued in California, and we have been speaking with clients daily and filing emergency requests when necessary. All parents, and especially parents with custody orders, are facing unique challenges due to the current pandemic.

Divorce and Parenting While Sheltering-in-Place due to Covid-19/Coronavirus

Divorce and co-parenting are difficult and heartrending during regular times. Adding Covid-19, closed courts, and closed schools to the mix can make life almost unbearable. The stress level for our clients, especially those who have a high-conflict divorce or strained parenting relationship, is overwhelming. In these uncertain days, we wanted to provide some tips to help our clients.