Keeping Assets Separate In Case of Divorce

Amidst the excitement of getting married, you may not want to think about the possibility of divorce. However, taking steps for financial self-protection in case of divorce is really no different from any other safety precaution.

A Place To Live Amidst Divorce

Settling on a place to live during a divorce, and afterwards, can be a difficult decision for some California residents who are ending their marriage. The usual options include remaining in your current home, renting a home, or purchasing a new place and there are several factors to consider before making a final decision about where to live.

Proper Decorum in the Courtoom is Vital in Custody Cases

If you have an open custody case in the Oakland courts, you may feel like your life is being examined under a microscope. In a way it is, which is why your behavior while in the courtroom will be especially scrutinized.

Below are some tips for demonstrating respect for the court and its proceedings while attending custody hearings.

The Approach to Co-Parenting After Divorce is Changing

California parents may have more options for child custody arrangements than they did in the past. Traditionally, mothers were often awarded primary custody and fathers spent alternate weekends and perhaps a week night with their children. However, with research showing that children benefit from more time with their fathers after a divorce even if it causes some disruption in their schedule, parents are making more of an effort to share parenting duties.

Strategic Planning For Post-Divorce Finances

If there is a possibility of divorce, California couples may want to take precautionary measures to protect their finances. This is especially important when there is a disparity of earning potential between spouses. For some couples, the process will involve focusing on re-employment. For others, it will be necessary to gather complete information on marital assets. A few simple strategies can help make sure the playing field is level, even when acrimony ensues between spouses.