Our confidential mediation practice is sensitive to the emotional, financial, and privacy concerns of our clients. Relationships take time and trust to build, and dissolving relationships with dignity requires a similar investment. Litigation can be an expensive, degrading process that is rarely required yet often pursued. Confidential mediation provides an alternative process that allows participants to engage respectfully with a shared goal of mutual agreement.

Resolution with Dignity

Many forms of conflict resolution place the responsibility and authority for resolving the conflict in the hands of professionals. In the judicial system, the power is with the judge who resolves a dispute by deciding who is right under the law. However in confidential mediation with our firm, the power is placed in the hands of the parties, with the support of a mediator, so they may assume responsibility for dealing with their conflict together. Mediation offers the ability to come to creative and effective solutions that suit your particular situation, rather than having to accept a “cookie-cutter” approach to resolving family disputes. It focuses on problem solving, rather than blame or the endless airing of grievances. By tackling this challenge together, the results reached are far more satisfying and the path taken more rewarding.

Our firm offers mediation services for family law matters in divorce, property division, child and spousal support, and child custody and visitation. Our mediators are also highly experienced litigation attorneys. They know what litigation entails – when it is worth the time and money and when it is not – and therefore provide our mediation clients a perspective that few other mediators can offer. Our goal is to educate the parties about the law and possible legal outcomes. We then support and encourage the freedom to generate creative solutions, which may differ from what a court might decide.

Is Mediation Right For Me?

There is no easy answer to the question about whether mediation is appropriate for you and your partner. The effectiveness of mediation depends in part on how willing the parties are to compromise and how committed the parties are to resolving their disagreements amicably. If you feel you can listen to the other person’s needs and desires and feel that they may listen to yours in an effort to reach a mutually agreeable resolution of your family law issues, you may wish to consider mediation as an effective and efficient way to settle your matter without costly and stressful litigation

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