Hart Ginney LLP provides personalized legal representation for our clients facing litigation in family law matters; including divorce, property division, complex asset valuation, child and spousal support, child custody and visitation. Our highly experienced litigation attorneys also provide mediation services, so they know what litigation entails – when it is worth the time and money and when it is not – and we provide our mediation clients a perspective that few others can offer. Most important, we try to take the fear out of divorce. If you are afraid of getting a divorce because you have been intimidated, harassed, bullied, or threatened by your spouse, we have the experience to help you find closure – whatever that looks like for you. If you are afraid of destroying your relationship with your children, if your divorce explodes into a contentious action, if you are afraid you will end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees just to lose everything, we can help you preserve your relationships and your finances.

Everyone deserves to divorce without fear. At Hart Ginney, LLP, we combine our years of experience handling complicated cases and our different backgrounds and approaches to provide a tailored, focused approach to resolving issues without creating unnecessary legal fees.

Every client deserves transparency, honesty and a focused approach to resolving issues without creating unnecessary legal fees. We use a secure, cloud-based practice management program that allows each client access to their file so you can access documents, check and pay your bill, get reminders of upcoming court dates, and communicate with us.

As one of the premier family law firms in the East Bay, Hart Ginney LLP understands every relationship is different and so is every divorce. You deserve an attorney who understands your perspective, your concerns, and the unique set of challenges you will face as you move forward with your divorce.

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