Divorce proceedings are legally complex and rife with emotion. There are no easy strategies or solutions. At Hart Ginney LLP we focus on the best interests of the children and the protection of parents’ legal rights in child custody cases.

Providing Compassion and Empathy

We take personal responsibility to ensure that steps taken in your child custody case remain focused on your children’s well-being and best interests. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of shielding your child from the stresses of a breakup. We also understand that in most cases, a child’s best interests are served by frequent and continuing contact with the mother and the father. Divorce is traumatic enough for children without the added burden of parents engaged in a bitter dispute. Adding a parent’s or parents’ mental illness, substance abuse, or criminal histories to a child custody battle only increases the need for an attorney who will put your children’s best interests first and foremost.

Our attorneys are skilled at resolving custody issues and have a reputation for unparalleled success in the courtroom. While we are committed to zealous advocacy, we also pride ourselves on never walking into a courtroom unless we are truly working in the best interests of the children. This may result in some heart-to-heart discussions with our clients about their goals and priorities. We are not afraid to have these kinds of conversations and indeed, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the children in our practice and our reputation as serious, skilled, and straight-shooting attorneys. 

As a team, we have represented clients in many move-away cases, advocating both for and against a requested move, and we continuously update ourselves on the governing law so that we can best achieve our clients’ goals. We realize that the child is the most important person in any family law case and we work hard to keep that our primary focus.

Unmarried couples seeking child custody agreements face unique challenges that require the experience of our Alameda and Contra Costa County attorneys. 

​Take action now to protect both your rights and focus on the best outcome for your children. Contact us today to schedule your consultation meeting.

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