California Divorce In A Day Cost: $10,000 | If You Settle That Day: $5,000

Can I Get A Divorce In The State Of California In Only A Day?

Yes, in the state of California, it is possible to get divorced in a day if you meet certain requirements.

Have you found yourself thinking, if only we could sit down for just one day with someone who can help us, we could finally be done?

Have you found yourself trapped in an endless round of mediations or negotiations but never making any real progress? 

Hart Ginney has a solution:  welcome to Done In A Day Divorce. 

Mediation is about more than just reaching a compromise or a standard 50/50 solution.  Mediation allows both parties to consider options not available through the court and it allows for creative solutions to problems that are as unique as the parties. You are not like everyone else and your case deserves an approach that meets your specific needs and allows you both to participate in finding a personalized solution. 

What Is Your California Divorce In A Day Service?

Our California Divorce In A Day is a one-day mediation with one of our experienced, highly-trained mediators, all of whom have many years of experience as family law litigators.  Until you are done. If it takes 2 hours or 12 hours, we stay until you settle. 

Mediators, attorneys and private judges can make a lot of money prolonging settlement. At Hart Ginney, our focus is on solutions.  Tangible, real solutions. We stand by our commitment to bring you closure, whatever that looks like to you. 

What Makes us Different?

If you can reach a settlement on the day of your mediation, we refund one-half of the price you paid for this service. Done. In One Day.  We prepare all the papers on the spot and then we file them with the court. 

Is This Perfect For Our Situation?

We only accept parties who have already filed for divorce or legal separation and have exchanged the preliminary declarations of disclosure as required under California law.  We can’t get you divorced if these documents have not been exchanged, and we don’t want to waste your time.

We require you to commit to the process.  We require you to provide an outline of the issues that need to be resolved, and what you would like to have happen prior to the meeting.  

We promise to be present and prepared for the meeting, and expect that you will be, too.  Both parties need to come ready to work and, more importantly, ready to finish! 

How Do We Know If Mediation Will Work For Us?

We get this question a lot.  Mediation is not for everyone. To help you figure this out, check out our blog:

Can We Participate With or Without Attorneys? 

We work with parties with or without attorneys. We request that if one party is represented, that both parties have attorneys. We do not want an uneven playing field. 

We're Ready For Your California Divorce In A Day Service, How Do We Get Started?

 We charge a $600 initial consultation fee for a one hour meeting to set ground rules and expectations, including the scope of what issues need to be settled. 

The $600 will go toward the total cost for the day, which commences at 9:00 am at our offices, and ends at 11:59 pm the same day. If you settle during this time period, you get half of the $10,000 retainer returned to you. 

This is a joint cost – both parties need to be equally invested in the process. 

Prior to the initial meeting, both parties are required to submit their preliminary declaration of disclosure. 

Contact Us Today For More Information

We are happy to set up a one-hour consultation to go over the process, expectations, and first steps. 

At Hart Ginney, we believe that divorce should not be something that takes years and exhausts you emotionally and financially. We believe that most people can resolve their issues with a little guidance and accountability. We believe that everyone deserves a divorce without fear – fear of never-ending mediation, fear of excessive costs, or fear of destroying their relationship with the other parent of their children. 

Serious Inquiries only, please.
Our consulting fees start at $600 per hour. Get to know our team here.



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