While child support amounts are determined by statewide guidelines, nuances and complexities exist that go beyond any set formulas. Determining support is more than entering numbers into a calculator. Similarly, spousal support arrangements require an attorney who will attend to every detail in determining the alimony you pay or receive.

Regardless of your legal needs, our team is committed to ensuring that you get the best outcome — and an outcome that meets your children’s best interests.

Advocacy You Need from Experienced Support Lawyers

Before any numbers are entered into any formulas, we want to ensure that you have an advantage in the final calculations. Child support is a sophisticated aspect of a divorce, requiring an attorney with more than just experience in this specific area of practice.

Our team has decades of combined family law experience. Many child support agreements involve complex income and property tax issues that require both hands-on experience and an advanced academic background.​

We represent both payors and recipients of spousal support. A paying spouse should not be unfairly impacted financially. Both parties may still enjoy a certain level of financial stability. Many cases require support specifically for education and training for a husband or wife to re-enter the workforce. Our specialized tax experience allows us to identify tax issues that may otherwise go unnoticed, resulting in potential, significant tax penalties to the unsuspecting client.

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