Strategic Planning For Post-Divorce Finances

Strategic Planning For Post-Divorce Finances

If there is a possibility of divorce, California couples may want to take precautionary measures to protect their finances. This is especially important when there is a disparity of earning potential between spouses. For some couples, the process will involve focusing on re-employment. For others, it will be necessary to gather complete information on marital assets. A few simple strategies can help make sure the playing field is level, even when acrimony ensues between spouses.

If one spouse controls the money and takes care of the bills, the other will be at a disadvantage when assets are divided during a divorce. Getting involved and understanding the state of marital finances is especially critical in contested divorces. Prior to divorce, credit reports should be requested for both spouses. This could expose unknown charge cards and reveal the true state of finances. Knowing the value of investment and retirement accounts is also very important if a fair distribution is the goal. Maintaining an individual bank account makes it easier to save and access funds that might be needed for living and legal expenses.

If a spouse has been out of the workforce for an extended time, job training should be considered prior to divorce. Keeping a record of all valuable property should also be done prior to filing. If personal property with sentimental or pecuniary value could be at jeopardy with a volatile spouse, it should be placed in secure storage until direction is received from a court regarding ownership or disposition.

Strategically planning for divorce can require a bit of finesse. This is particularly true with high-asset divorces. With help from an attorney, a soon-to-be ex could navigate the steps toward independence.

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