You May Be Headed Towards Divorce If…

Warning Signs of Divorce

Though it is always difficult to know for sure, there are usually signs it’s time for a divorce that let you know when your marriage is ending. A breach of trust on behalf of your partner, or failure to maintain the basic elements of your relationship are often a sign that divorce is imminent. 

If you’re wondering what sorts of red flags to pay attention to, here are a few of the biggest signs your marriage is headed towards divorce. 

Lack of Intimacy

Though any marriage can go through a dry spell, if one or both partners demonstrate a complete lack of interest in being intimate, that may be a sign that your relationship is on the rocks. 

Intimacy is a normal and healthy part of a loving relationship, and if it is not happening that may be an indicator that the attraction or passion that was an important part of your marriage is no longer there. 

A lack of intimacy can also be a sign of other underlying issues such as infidelity. 

Signs of Infidelity

When your partner is being unfaithful they’re not likely to just come out and tell you about it. You’re much more likely to pick up on it through a variety of signs and changes in their behavior. 

Some signs, like lipstick stains or lingerie are dead giveaways. Others are more subtle, like unexplained changes in schedule, or a suddenly flashy wardrobe. 

If your partner is changing their passwords without telling you, or hiding their phone, they may be communicating with another person. If you find out that your partner has a second phone this is another major red flag. 

Sometimes a partner will also begin talking about bringing another person into your relationship, another sign of possible infidelity. 

Lack of Respect

Any relationship has to be built on a layer of basic respect, and if this is gone your relationship may be at an end.

It’s okay to disagree, but if your partner doesn’t respect you or your opinions on things that are important to you like politics or religion, it can be hard to feel comfortable being yourself around them. 

The reverse also holds true: if you can no longer respect your partner for who they are, whether because of a change in their personality or a change in yourself, that is generally a sign that your partnership is going to be hard to maintain. 

Communication Breakdown

In general, if you and your partner aren’t able to communicate openly and honestly with each other, your relationship is unhealthy and could lead to divorce. This problem is especially easy to see if one partner is unwilling to communicate or participate in marriage counseling, and can be a result of factors discussed above like infidelity or a lack of respect. 

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